MobiSecure(Beta) - Never Lose a Phone Again

Lost your phone and want to recover it?

Buying a second hand mobile and want to verify if it is stolen before you spend your hard earned money?

MobiSecure is here to help find your phone! MobiSecure is a registry that stores your phone details along with the IMEI number. Once an IMEI number is registered with your account, it cannot be registered with a new user unless you release the ownership.

Register your phone today for a limited time free access. Our Beta launch is limited to the first 5000 users!

Key Features

  • Register and keep a track of your devices including model number, IMEI, OS version, Ownership status

  • Mark your phone as stolen and track your stolen phone easily even after it’s been flashed. Simply download MobiSecure app on a new device, login and track your phone.

  • Get notifications when your device is accessed after you have reported the phone as stolen or lost.

  • Verify if the second hand phone you are buying is stolen or not. Simply download the app on the device you are planning to purchase and instantly check the status.

  • Access details of your devices any time, any where from any Android device.

  • Request previous owner to release ownership of device once you have purchased it.

Product Guide

Launch Screen

Sign up using easy steps. We need this to register your phone in the MobiSecure database

We use one time code sent via SMS to confirm that the phone is yours!

Login to access and update details of your devices

View a quick snapshot of your current device. You can either release ownership before you sell your phone

Access all your devices and simply perform actions like release ownership or mark as stolen

Lost your phone? Simply mark it as stolen after selecting it from the list of your devices.

Need Help?

Found a bug? Facing problems installing or using MobiSecure? Simply send us an email at mobisecure[at] and we will be glad to help.
Do send your suggestions and we will try our best to incorporate them into the next release.

Lots of Love
Team MobiSecure

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